Our Services:

See the World through the Eyes of Women Consumers

When executives use the word 'consumer,' they usually mean "women." Yet most business schools don't focus on gender psychology in their coursework, and gender issues are rarely discussed during strategy sessions. Our services are designed to address these issues and train your team to see the world through the eyes of women consumers. We’ll create a female framework to help your team make consumer-facing decisions that emotionally engage women.

Let us help identify the aspects of your brand, product, retail, customer-service and selling environment that can be magnified to increase your sales to women. In our experience, reaching women doesn't necessarily mean a complete change of everything you're doing now. It often means infusing what you're already doing with the subtle yet powerful triggers that make your message impactful to a female demographic. Our range of services include:

Female Fundamentals™ Workshops
Mystery Shopping
Marketing Consulting
Sales Training Programs
Female-Focused Market Research
Keynote Speeches & Presentations
Gender Boot Camps
Copywriting Services
Understanding Women & the Web: Consulting and Training
Gender Communication in the Workplace