Our Services:

Female-Focused Market Research

How do you identify the most important consumer insights that will make a difference to your business? We can help. Let Female Factor design a research program for your business that unlocks the answers and starts a real conversation with women consumers. Our innovative programs go beyond the stale world of traditional focus groups, and get to the heart of what women want from your business.

  • Ethnographic Research: Female Factor’s detailed studies consist of in-store, in-home, in-office or in-car research. Our techniques provide an up-close and personal way for your business to explore unmet or unarticulated needs, product usage, and/or category insights. Our research often reveals powerful insights that women may be uncomfortable articulating in a more controlled research environment.

  • Female Forums - Girlfriend Gatherings where Insights are Served.™: In a relaxed lunch or dinner-party setting that strips away the artifice and discomfort of traditional focus groups (and their two-way mirrors), a Female Factor facilitator engages women in conversations about your product or topic of interest. When women are comfortable, they’re more open to sharing their true thoughts and feelings about your brand. It’s a twist on sterile research techniques, designed specifically for women’s communication style.

  • Qualitative Concept Testing: Let Female Factor help you shape and optimize new products before they launch. We’ll design a research program that allows you to get valuable feedback from women on the female appeal of your new product, service or sales environment.

  • Optimizing Quantitative Research Design: It’s not always what questions you ask, but how you ask them that elicits the most useful insights in research. Female Factor will review your existing research designs and questionnaires to ensure that your approach and language resonates with women, and doesn’t come across as “marketing speak.”