Why She Buys

How to Reach the World's Most Powerful Consumers

At a time when every company is looking for a competitive advantage, Bridget Brennan offers a new and powerful lens for capturing market share:

The High Fives: There are five major trends driving the global female population, which are key to determining their wants and needs. These global shifts are just beginning to be tapped by businesses, and learning about them can provide you with an invaluable blueprint for long-range planning.

No Matter Where You Live, Women are a Foreign Country: You’ll discover the value in studying women with the same intensity that you would a foreign market. Women grow up within a culture of their own gender, which is often invisible to men. Brennan dissects this female culture and explains the important brain differences between men and women that may cause your female customers to notice things about your products, marketing campaigns or sales environment that you might have overlooked.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Find out how the best and brightest companies have cracked the female code, and hear horror stories about those that haven’t. Through instructive case studies and interviews, Why She Buys provides practical, field-proven techniques that you can apply to your business immediately, from giants like Procter & Gamble and Toyota to upstarts like method home-care products and lululemon athletic apparel company.

Decoding Women’s Speech: In an effort to bridge the gender gap, the bonus section “X to Y Mencyclopedia,” provides a glossary of terms that serves as an enlightening translation guide to speaking “female.”