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About Us

Women hold the purse strings, and when they’ve got a tight grip on them as they do now, companies must be shrewder than ever to win them over. This isn’t always easy. Gender is the most powerful determinant of how a person views the world and everything in it. At a time when every company is looking for a competitive advantage, Female Factor offers you a new and effective lens for capturing sales and market share.

Our consulting firm is exclusively focused on women consumers. Led by CEO Bridget Brennan, one of the world’s leading experts on marketing and selling to women, our team is comprised of creative professionals with backgrounds in research, marketing, sales and gender studies. Our focus is on the emotional and experiential aspects of marketing and selling to women. By focusing on the intuitive side of the brain, we help businesses fill in the missing puzzle piece of how to emotionally connect with women.

Whether your business is looking for help with marketing, sales, new-product innovation, insight generation or simply inspiration in the form of a dynamic keynote speech, we can help.

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